Hello! We are PAL

Pro-Actors London is a community of professional,
proactive Actors based in London.
Founded on trust and collaboration,
PAL is made by Actors for Actors.

It all started with a few international Actresses
sharing passions and dreams…

Alida Pantone

Being a part of PAL means being proactive about your career,
collaborating with other like-minded industry professionals,
and creating
your own opportunities instead of waiting for them to be handed to you.

Rebecca Van Cleave

Cooperation between people with the same dream.
That’s how it should be.
Let’s make the word “competition” old fashioned.
This industry is already saturated with it.

Camila Koller

PAL is a bunch of talented Actors who decided to get together
in a proactive way, to create their own future in the business
instead of just sit back and wait for things to happen.

Iliana Efthymiadi

Since the get go I felt cooperation, support and creativity.
Every meeting with the Pro Actors team has been beautiful,
productive and professional. I feel so proud to be a ProActor!

Andreea Helen David

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